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Thread: Walmart in Cuba?

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    That seems engaging Akiyama, the local farmers do their own markets? They gather in a spontaneous way and present their products or we have to visit the farms?

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    That would be really interesting if they had a Walmart in Cuba! I went to one in Mexico, and was so surprised at what they sold there! A MUCH bigger selection of alcohol, and some brand that they stopped selling here in the states were being sold there!

    Sometimes living in America is not all that it's cracked up to be!
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    That's the other side of it, you might one day have a Walmart in Cuba and instead of the tradional US products you expect to find, you can also have quite a lot of locals products, so it could also be a good thing... maybe!

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    An interesting proposal Peninha it would be nice if someday Walmart is opened in Cuba but with its own products. That will boost the economy and help the locals.

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    I think the US embargo is something of the past and it is a shame all countries don't get along well, I hope the recent handshake is a sign that things might change soon.

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    I think that walmart is a real nice shop and pretty useful, but i like to go to a new country and find that it has its own unique features and a whole load of variety. I think that i would feel too at home if i found everything that i am used to in a country i am visiting. I think that would rob me of a truly foreign experience.

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    I don't know of any Walmart in Cuba. But I have heard of the large departmental store called El Encanto which was destroyed in fire some years ago. El Encanto was to Cube what Walmart is to the US.

    But there are plenty of small shops from where you can get what you need for daily supplies.

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    It's a shame that emblematic places are destroyed like that Cocoman, the owners never got to rebuild it?

    As for Walmart, it's just a name, possibly Cuba has similar big stores with resembling concepts, just the owner and the name might be different.

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